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COVID–19: Support for Artists

After seeking input from Acme artist tenants early last year, we discovered that the majority of Acme artists anticipated income losses of 80-100% due to the Coronavirus (COVID–19) crisis as well as many unforeseen challenges to their artistic practices. From March to December 2020, we made funds available to support artists facing financial difficulties due to the crisis. The support is described in more detail below.

Applications are now open for the Studio Practice Fund Round Two 2021.

Acme continues to work proactively with artists who are struggling to make their rent payments due to the COVID-19 crisis. Please contact Ben Lawley, Rent Accounts Manager for further details.

Studio Practice Fund Round Two


Applications for the Studio Practice Fund Round Two are open from Tuesday 20 April until midnight Monday 10 May 2021.

The intention of the studio practice fund is to help Acme artists continue their studio practice in the face of challenges brought about by COVID-19.

Artists can request an Acme studio rent free period of up to three months, with a maximum financial equivalent of £1000 per studio.

Click here for more details and to apply:

The Studio Practice Fund round two is made possible because Acme has received funding from the Cultural Recovery Fund, provided by Arts Council England and DCMS. The fund will enable Acme to continue supporting artists and be #HereForCulture.

COVID–19 Artist Rent Relief Fund

Acme's COVID–19 Artist Rent Relief Fund was intended for artists suffering financial hardship due to the COVID–19 crisis.

The fund supported 162 successful applicants to receive 50 per cent rent relief for a period of three months, which did not need to be repaid to Acme. (closed 1 Sep 2020)

Rent payment breaks

Acme's Rent Payment Break programme

Acme offered rent payment breaks of up to three months for all Acme artist tenants experiencing financial difficulty caused by the COVID–19 crisis. (closed Sep 2020)

Studio Practice Fund Round One

(now closed)

Applications for the first round of the Studio Practice Fund closed in December 2020. The fund enabled Acme to support over 50 artists.

Learn more about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on studio-based artists in our published research

The first round of Acme’s Studio Practice Fund was funded through the Creative Workspace Resilience Fund. The Creative Workspace Resilience Fund is supported through the Mayor of London’s Culture at Risk Business Support Fund and the Creative Land Trust.

Artist Newsletter

Acme continues to collate a fortnightly bulletin of funded awards, commissions and opportunities for artists along with the latest government guidance on the Coronavirus.

Acme Hardship Fund

Acme's long-established hardship fund helps pay the studio rent of Acme artists who face exceptional financial difficulties due to changes in circumstances such as serious illness or accidents unrelated to COVID–19 to themselves or family members. Maximum six months' rent or £1,500 offset against artist's rent account.

Please contact Heather Deedman, Head of Artist Liaison for further details.